Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal

Domayne Carpet and Floor Cleaning's deep cleaning process is highly effective on everyday dirt and soil build up but no matter how careful you are, there are always some stubborn stains. We offer a wide variety of stain removers to eliminate most spots. We offer a filtration soil remover behind doors, a stain remover that can eliminate or improve red wine and juice spills. We also have spotting agents to remove ink, gum, rust, grease, and many more spots.

If stain removal is not possible we can provide you with an estimate to do a bonded insert or "patch" on the stained area.


Pet Contamination | ODOUR REMOVAL

We all love our pets but they occasionally have accidents. When these problems are not addressed quickly, you can end up with some unpleasant odours that are very difficult to remove. That's when you need an odour removal expert.

Domayne carpet and floor cleaning know-how and professional products remove complex odour problems at their source. While guaranteeing complete odour removal is not possible, we will provide you with different options depending on the severity of the damage.

Light to Moderate

In this situation the pet urinated on the carpet only once in each location. Urine will not have permeated heavily into carpet pad and sub floor structure. In this case, we treat the contaminated areas topically with a two part system to attempt to alleviate both the stain and the odour. This is followed by a deep soil carpet extraction

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