This method of cleaning (generically referred to as "dry" cleaning in Australia) uses chemicals and heat in the cleaning process to break down the "oily" build up in the carpet fibre (this is what causes the dirt that cannot be removed with vacuuming to stick to the carpet fibre). Absorbent pads rotate at high speed under a rotary machine (floor polisher type machine called a bonnet machine picking up the soils & oils in carpet. Application of a neutralizing or conditioning rinse as well as sanitising and deodorises.

Domayne Carpet Dry Cleaning Process/service includes the following:

Step 1 - PRE-VACUUM: All residential and commercial carpet cleaning begins with our technicians pre-vacuuming all carpet before they commence cleaning .this is done using a specialized industrial strength vacuum cleaner.

Step 2 - PRE-SPRAY: We then pre-spray the carpet using a unique dry cleaning solution this is a specially formulated non-toxic product that massaged deep into carpet using our rotary machine to obtain maximum release of the oily soils from the carpet fibers.

Step 3 - CLEANING: A thick blended fiber absorbent pad is then applied under a rotary machine that rotates the pad around the carpet. This process allows the oily soils to be captured, and collected into the absorbent pad. The pads are continually changed during the process until the room is completely cleaned.

Step 4 - STAIN TREATMENT: Stains that have not already been removed using our dry cleaning solution ,are treated using a wide range of specialized non-toxic stain removers depending on the type of stain, we have tea and coffee removers ,removers for red wine ,rust, paints, lipsticks ,ink and even chewing gum, we also use specially formulated carpet cleaning product.

*please note | *Not all stains are removable | Some stain treatments may incur extra charges

Step 5 - DEODORIZING: Included in the cleaning process our unique odor -absorbing deodorizer which not only quickly covers the odor absorbs and eliminates the source of the odour.

Step 6 - GROOMING: The final stage of our Domayne Carpet dry cleaning process is to groom and reset the fibers in your carpet, by doing this we obtain the best possible results for drying and visual appearance.