With steam cleaning, carpets are treated with a hot steam in addition to suction and agitation. Heated water loosens dried stains and kills bacteria and the commercial suction removes the dust and dirt. None of our carpet cleaning techniques involve the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes. Our state-of-the-art equipment leaves behind no sticky, soapy residue to attract more dirt, and we offer special treatments when they are called for.



Carpet dry cleaning methods use a third of the water content of a steam cleaning method and as a result, carpets tend to dry much faster. Dry cleaning uses solutions that break down and trap the dirt. Cotton and Rayon pads remove most of the moisture along with the dirt and the remaining solutions evaporate.



The main difference with encapsulation cleaning is the use of solutions. Crystalizing polymers surround or encapsulate the detergent in the solution and the soils are suspended or emulsified. As the mixture dries, the encapsulation polymers dry to a crystal. This crystal is not sticky; instead, it allows easy removal with subsequent vacuuming. Our low moisture encapsulation cleaning technology is a significant advantage that we offer and is ideal for commercial carpet cleaning.


Firstly, we guarantee our work. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our fully insured domestic cleaning services are available on a one-off or regular basis. Our chemicals are safe to use in both domestic and commercial environments and they don't leave behind any sticky soapy residue that only attracts more dirt.

satisfaction guarantee

We have the experience - Domayne Carpet & Floor Cleaning is the chosen cleaning contractor for many professionals and business owners, in addition to being one of Sydney's most highly respected and privately owned cleaning services.

Apart from the hundreds of our private residential clients we have serviced, we continue to service many offices, restaurants, clubs, galleries, shops, nurseries, workshops, and undertake work on behalf of property management companies, estate and letting agents.

We are affordable. We offer exceptional rates and our prices are transparent. We take pride in our work and we always aim to ensure that our customers get the best possible outcome.

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Gold 7 stage carpet cleaning for heavily soiled carpet

Vacuum Carpet

First stage is the pre-vacuum. A powerful vacuum cleaner is used to make certain dry soil and dirt is completely removed. Because dry soils (dust and dirt) turn to mud when they combine with moisture in the cleaning process. Mud is heavier than dry dirt and is harder to remove. This means a thorough pre-vacuum is required to get the best possible result.

Step 2: Pre spray Carpet

We spray the entire carpet with a wool-safe cleaning solution (special detergent + hot water) specially formulated for your carpet fibres. We allow it to penetrate deep into your carpet fibres to kill germs and bacteria and loosen all grease / oil and general soiling that has attached itself to the carpet fibre.

Step 3: Rotary Scrubbing

Using Rotary Scrubbing is a process of foaming detergent (shampoo) suspends soil when agitated with the rotary type brush action, this process allows the oily soils to be agitated, lifted and and opens the carpet pile ready for cleaning.

Step 4: Stain Treatment

Treat marks and spots that may need specialist stain removal treatments.

Step 5: Hot water extraction

Hot water detergent solution is used under pressure, dirt and soil is removed. Hot water extraction  is used for extracting the dirt from the surface of the carpet. The hot water extraction removes the stains, mites and dirts from the carpet.  After carpet cleaning, the process will leave no residue thus leaving the carpet healthy and dirt free.

Step 6: Apply Rinse

We apply a carpet rinse for PH balance to ensure that no solution or residue is left in the carpet.

Step 7: Deodorise

In the final stage, we apply deodoriser to leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean.

9 Ways for keeping your carpets & rugs looking great

  1. Clean broadloom carpet in home about every 12-18 months. Sooner, if traffic and use increase
  2. Clean oriental & area rugs professionally every 1-2 years
  3. Vacuum carpet and rugs regularly to avoid dirt and grit build up. A beater bar is not generally recommended for oriental rugs
  4. Attend to spills immediately to avoid a permanent stain. Have a stain and spot kit ready
  5. Use a pad on area rugs to avoid slippage and wear
  6. Fix damage to rugs, to avoid an expensive repair later
  7. Rotate area rugs regularly to limit wear and traffic pattern marks. This also helps against moth damage in wool rugs
  8. Consider stain protection to limit the damage of spills and soiling, or a moth protection
  9. Call Domayne Carpet and Floor Cleaning if you have any questions
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